Here I am 26 years old, married to my amazing and Hott husband with an almost four month old son.

I’m so blessed to create my own work schedule as a hair stylists, so I only have to be gone one day a week away from my precious son, and now I’ve decided to enter the blogger’s world.

So, hello WordPress and fellow bloggers, I look forward to us becoming friends!

Why am I blogging?

Do you ever wonder what to make of life sometimes? You start off at a young age setting life long goals, some grandiose and some short term, more realistic. Then somewhere along the line you stop and reflect,”Is this the life I’m supposed to be living?” “Am I moving in the right direction?” “I see certain strengths in myself, but am I really using them?” This is where I am.

I’m coming to you not as an expert on any particular topic, but just as a young working mom and wife trying to figure things out.

Sometimes everything feels like its going perfectly and other days are a complete disaster, but one thing I know: I could not get through life with my friends and family, some family who are friends and some friends who are family. Hopefully I can provide some encouragement to you on your journey.

Here’s to a new chapter and new beginning as I explore my world of writing, and whatever new adventures are on your horizon. Cheers!



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