Living on Purpose

My munchkin is 9 months old today! Nine months on 9/11/13.

Last night was one of those sleepless nights that mom’s often have with their babies. One of those nights where we woke up every two hours from either teething pains, a bad dream, or hunger. One of those nights where the only person who could soothe those pains and fears is, “MaMaMaMaMaMa!” Yes, that’s my name!

As I collapsed into bed each time, after being startled awake and comforting my munchkin for 20-40 minute sessions , I prayed I would fall back asleep quickly to savor the few minutes of shut-eye I hoped for.

Along with not sleeping much through the night, we were wide awake two hours earlier than normal.

As I peeled myself out of bed I realized a very important detail about today: My munchkin is 9 months old on 9/11.

Like most people in The United States of America, I know exactly where I was, what I was doing, and every specific detail of that day.

You might be thinking, “How do these two topics share any relevance to each other?” Let me tell you…

My son is growing faster than I can blink my eyes. As hard as it was to wake up this morning I couldn’t help but think of those precious moms, dads, sons, daughters, grandmas, grandpas, aunties and uncles and cousins that were on those planes that early morning twelve years ago.

Who did they rock to sleep the night before? Who did they kiss goodbye before walking out the door? Did they wake up exhausted, in distain, from no sleep? Did they say words or think thoughts they wished they could take back had they known how the next few hours would play out? Did they whisper softly in someone’s ear, “Goodbye, I love you!” like my husband did before leaving for work this morning?

I’ve always tried to live each day with a purpose, but today more than ever I’m reminded to take my thoughts captive. I’m reminded to smile, stretch, get up, have a good attitude, enjoy each moment, love, say, “I love you!” Because I don’t know what tomorrow brings. I’m not fearful because I’m confident in where I will be for eternity. However, if today is my last, I want everyone in my life to know how much they mean to me. I want to enjoy my son each milestone of his journey. When I’m gone I want my friends and family to know that I lived each day learning from my past, preparing for the future, and relishing the present!

My heart and prayers go out to all who loved and lost victims of 9/11.

Until my munchkin’s next nap time: enjoy each moment, be careful what thoughts you entertain and what words you speak. Live with love. Live with purpose. Love on purpose. As always, don’t forget to smile, you might just make someone’s day; what if its their last?

I love this picture! Here’s me being present with my gift present🙂



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