My little guy is growing fast and the drool monster’s naps have been a little off and some days nonexistent this week, but during a short sleep session this tv topic caught my attention and so I’m bringing it to you:

“Would you give up something you love for someone you love?” Okay, not so intimidating…now let me ask that question another way: ” Would you give up someone you love so you can do something you love?” Alright, maybe a harsh question, but with the skyrocketing divorce rates and alternative definitions for “family” making duel-parenting an ancient ideal, makes what I thought to be a simple answer quite the hot topic on daytime television.

These shows that are said to offer different View(s) perspectives when they Talk discuss what’s in the news seem awfully one-sided on this topic (quite surprising to this mommy who would give up anything for her family). The discussion was in response to a statement released by a popular female country artist who said [paraphrased] she “was willing to give up her career to support her husband’s” in order to prevent the demise of their marriage because they have opposing travel schedules.

Oooooo that’s right independent women out there! That “something” I was referring to was not a simple hobby to toss aside, but your job!! Would you consider quitting your beloved job and/or career path for the sake of your significant other’s dreams?

Yikes! Well the answer for me is quite simple: Yes! Of course I would. You see, for me, seeing my husband pursue and fulfill his dreams is as if I have succeeded too. WAIT! Before I lose your attention with my sappy absurdity, I do admit I am quite the traditionalist in thinking, which I am well aware is not the most popular of thoughts these days. However, I was shocked that the mutual opinion on this particular morning show was to give up the marriage if that question was ever on the table.

Marriage has become a fun reason to have a big party rather than the covenant it actually is. I must add though, that my husband is my biggest cheerleader and that I wouldn’t have pursued my career passions if it weren’t for his encouragement. That reality is probably what makes the question so easy to answer; I know that if it were presented to me, it would be for everyone’s best interest not out of selfish gain. Unfortunately that’s not everyone’s reality.

Nowadays it’s kind of unheard of for moms to be able to afford to stay at home, and believe me there have been a LOT of sacrifices for me to even be able to work part time. But every sacrifice I would repeat a hundred times over again.

One thing I know is for sure, my perspectives are shifting in my new mommy world! I was that independent women. I went from being a Business Management Grad on my entrepreneurial pathway, building my career as a hair stylist, to being a mom. A mom who is so glad her clients have become her friends because its the only thing that gets her to work on the days she dreads leaving the little guy (which by the way is most days). With that I segue into my next blog topic: Paradigms — Perspective shifts that come with life changes.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey of self-discovery. I encourage you to make relationships your priority! Until the next successful nap time, I’m interested how far off my thinking is really. What are your thoughts?


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